Chasing Sweet Dreams Quotes For Facebook

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1. Dre@m!ng Perm!t$ E@ch & Every1 Of U$ 2 B Qu!etly & $@fety !n$@ne Every N!ght Of Our L!ve$.

2. L@unch!ng @ Dre@m !$ L!ke The M!nd T@k!ng @ Bre@th Of Fre$h @!r L!ke @ $urpr!$e G!ft @lw@y$ W@!t!ng 2 B Opened L!ke @ Journey 2 @ F@vor!te Pl@ce.

3. ! H@ve H@d Dre@m$ & ! H@ve H@d N!ghtm@re$, But ! H@ve Conquered My Nightm@re Becoz Of My Dre@m$.

4. ! M Not The 1 U Dre@m @bout & ! m Not The 1 U C@n't L!ve W!thout.

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