Best Flirt SMS Messages For Husband In 140 Character

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1. Be C@reful When @ G@l Tell$ U Th@t $he Love$ You From The Bottom Of  Her He@rt. For Th!$ M@y Me@n Th@t There !$ $t!ll Enough $pace For @nother Boy On Top.

2. A Boy W@$ Go!ng W!th H!$ G!rlfriend.. Fr!end A$ked: Who !$ $he? Boy: My Cou$!n. The Fr!end $aid: La$t Ye@r $he W@$ My Cou$!n.

3. !f Lov!ng U !$ Wrong, Then ! Don't Wann@ Be R!ght. My Love For U !$ $trong & Br!ghter Th@n @ny L!ght. The W@y We Mu$t Go !$ Long, But We'll W!n Every F!ght.

4. W!fe Po!nt!ng @t @ Couple Next Door $@ys 2 Her Hu$ban: Look @t H!m He K!$ses Her @ll The T!me, C@n’t You Do Th@t ?

Husband: ! Tr!ed But $he $l@pped Me.

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