Children's Day 2012 Poems For Kids In English | New Poems

Children's Day 2012 Poems For Kids,Children's Day Poems In English,Children's Day New Poems For Kids,New Poems On Children's Day For Kids In English.

When U $ee A $m!l!ng Face,

The!r H@pp!ne$s All Over The Place,

$!nging, L@ugh!ng, Cr!es Of Glee,

Come They $ay, Pl@y W!th Me,

The $l!de, The $w!ng, The Monkey B@r$,

Look @t Them Clo$e To $ee Who They R,

Lot$ Of R@ces, Re@dy $et Go,

Th!$ !$ How The Ch!ldren Grow.

!f You W@tch Them Everyd@y,

You W!ll $ee They Le@rn @s They Pl@y,

They'll Do What They $ee, & $@y What They Hear,

You're The!r Teacher Though Out The Year$,

The!r !dea$ & Thought$ !n The!r Eye$ $h!ne,

!mag!nation !$ A Glimpse Of The!r M!nd

When You’re Not Look!ng, Don't You Know,

Th!$ !$ When The Ch!ldren Grow.

W@tch Them As They Le@rn 2 W@lk,

L!$ten 2 Them When They T@lk,

Keep Them $@fe, Away From H@rm,

Wr@p Them Gently W!th!n Your Arm$,

Te@ch Them To $hare & How 2 T@ke Turn$,

$et Good Example$ From Wh!ch They W!ll Le@rn,

@t Home, @t $chool, Wherever They Go,

Th!$ !$ Where The Ch!ldren Grow.

*****  Happy Children’$ Day  *****

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