Famous Abraham Lincoln Quotes On Failure

Famous Abraham Lincoln Quotes On Failure,Famous Abraham Lincoln Quotes,Abraham Lincoln Quotes On Failure,Abraham Lincoln Quotes On Life.

1. A Fr!end !$ One Who Ha$ The $ame Enem!e$ A$ U H@ve.

2. Alw@y$ Be@r !n M!nd Th@t Ur Own Re$olut!on To $ucceed !$ More !mport@nt Th@n Any Other.

3. Don’t Bel!eve Everyth!ng U Re@d On The !nternet Ju$t Becoz There’$ @ P!cture W!th Quote Next To !t.

4. When ! Do Gud, ! Feel Gud. When ! Do Bad, ! Feel B@d. Th@t’$ My Rel!g!on.

5. Better To Rema!n $!lent & B Thought @ Fool, Th@n To $pe@k Out & Remove All Doubt.

6. ! De$troy My Enem!e$ When ! M@ke Them My Fr!end$.

7. You Cannot E$cape The Re$pon$!b!l!ty Of Tomorrow By Ev@d!ng !t Today.

8. !t$ Ok@y To M@ke M!$take$, M!$take$ R Our Te@cher$ They Help U$ To Le@rn.

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