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1. L@ughter !$ God’$ $un$h!ne, T@ke T!me To Laugh For It I$ Mu$!c Of $oul.

2. Anger !$ The Cond!t!ion !n Wh!ch The Tongue Work$ F@$ter Th@n The M!nd.

3. You C@n’t Ch@nge The Pa$t But U Can Ru!n Pre$ently By Worry!ng Over The Future.

4. Avo!d Negat!ve $ource$, People$, Th!ng$ & Hab!t$.

5. You Under$tand Your$elf 2 Better Under$t@nd Other$.

6. When Feel Be!ng Po!$oned By $tre$$, Pre$$ure, P@!n & Fa!lure$. The Be$t Ant!dote !$ To Pr@y, Noth!ng More Noth!ng Le$$.

7. A Per$on Who H@$ Gud Thought$ C@nnot Ever B Ugly.

8. C@lmne$$ !$ The W@y We $how Th@t V R Tru$t!ng !n GOD.

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