Happy Children's Day Quotes Wishes By Nehru In English

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1. Tod@y !t$ Our D@y, Let$ H@ve Fun Tod@y, !t$ Ch!ldren’$ D@y.

2. Ch!ldren R The L!v!ng Me$$age$ V $end To @ T!me We W!ll Not $ee.

3. There R Only Two L@$t!ng G!ft$ We $hould G!ve Our Ch!ldren, One !$ Root$ & Second !$ W!ng$.

4. Ch!ldren$ R Budd!ng $t@r$, The More U Embrace Them The More They $h!ne.

5. The $m@lle$t Ch!ldren R Ne@re$t To God, @$ The $m@lle$t Pl@net$ R Ne@re$t The $un.

6. Ch!ldren F!nd Everyth!ng !n Noth!ng Men F!nd Noth!ng !n Everyth!ng.

7. T!me 4 $ome $pl@$h!ng Fun Cheer$ & Jolly T!me For Everyone Becoz !t'$ Ch!ldren'$ D@y, M@y The Luv & L@ughter @lw@y$ $tay On Every Ch!ld'$ F@ce.

                  ********* H@PPY CH!LDREN'$ D@Y *********

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