Missing Someone Quotes And Sayings For Him

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1. ! M!$$ U & ! W@nt U To Know Th@t U R Never More Th@n @ Moment Aw@y From My Thought$ & My He@rt.

2. Everybody Talk$ & Everybody L!$ten$ But $ome How !t$ The Truth Th@t Alw@y$ End$ Up M!$$!ng.

3. When ! M!$$ U, $omet!mes ! L!$ten 2 Mus!c Or Luk @t P!cture$ Of  U, Not To Rem!nd Me Of  U But To M@ke Me Feel A$ !f ! M W!th U. !t M@ke$ Me Forget The D!$tance & C@pture U.

4. ! M Hold!ng on To $ometh!ng Th@t U$ed To B There Hop!ng !t W!ll Come B@ck, Know!ng !t Won’t.

5. @ Lot Of People W@lk !n & Out Of My L!fe, But U R One Of The Only Ones ! Ever Re@lly W@nted To $t!ck @round.

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