Painful Quotes On Life | Hurting Quotes For Facebook

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1. F!nd A Pl@ce In$ide Where There’$ Joy & The Joy W!ll Burn Out The Pa!n.

2. !f Posse$$!vene$$ !$ The Outcome Of True Love Then Anger !$ The Outcome Of True C@re. But Very Few Re@l!ze.

3. The Wor$t K!nd Of Pa!n !$ When You’re $m!l!ng Ju$t To $top The Te@r$ From Fall!ng.

4. $aying $orry Doe$n’t Me@n There !$n’t Gu!lt & Forg!v!ng Doe$n’t Me@n The Pa!n !$ Gone.

5. Le@r!ng !$ A G!ft. Even When Pa!n !$ Your Teacher.

6. My Pa!n M@y Be The Re@$on For $omebody’$ Laugh. But My L@ugh Never Be The Re@$on For $omebody’$ Pa!n.

7. Nobody Can Take @way Your Pa!n, $o Don’t Let Anyone T@ke Aw@y. Your Happ!ne$$.

8. The Pa!n !$ Not On The D@y Of M!$$!ng Our Dear One$. The Pa!n !$ Re@lly When You L!ve W!thout Them & W!th The!r Pre$ence !n Your Mind.

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