Diwali Slogans & Sayings In English | Best Slogans

Diwali Slogans & Sayings In English | Best Slogans On Diwali Festival Safe In English,Slogans On Pollution Diwali,Diwali Slogan On Indian Festival Diwali,Diwali Sayings.

1. Green Deepaval!, Cle@n Deepaval!.

2. L!ght Your Home$, L!ght The Heart$ Of Everyone Have A $afe D!wali.
But Say "No" to Crackers

3. D!wali !$ A D@y Of L!ght, Dont Pollute !t To Darkne$$.

4. L!ght !n The M!nd, Love !n The Heart, L!ght The Cracker $ee The World, Th!nk & Hold, $top To Pollute.

5. May God Laxm! Fulf!ll All Your Need$ Th!$ D!wali. Happy & $afe D!WAL!.

6. T!me To Fun W!th Cracker$ Not Get Cracked.

7. Let Th!$ D!wal! Burn All Your Bad T!me$ & Enter You !n Gud T!me$.

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