Love Shayari In English For Girlfriend,Boyfriend

Love Shayari In English For Girlfriend,Love Shayari In English For Boyfriend,Love Shayari In English,Love Shayari In English For Lover,Sad Love Shayari In English.

1. He@rt $ays 2 Eye$ Dont $ee More Becoz You $ee & ! $uffer. Eye @n$wered 2 Heart Dont Th!nk More Becoz You Feel & ! Cry That$ The Relat!on.

2. ! Luv U $o Much, ! Luv Ur Every Touch ,My Luv 4 U !$ $o !mmense, !t Ju$t Put$ Me $o !nten$e ,Th!nking About U @ll The T!me ,Be!ng Gl@d That Ur M!ne.

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