William Shakespeare Famous Quotes On Life

William Shakespeare Famous Quotes On Life,William Shakespeare Quotes On Life,Shakespeare Quotes On Life,Shakespeare Quotes In English.

1. $ome R Born Gre@t, $ome @ch!eve Gre@tne$$ & $ome H@ve Gre@tne$$ Thru$t Upon Them.

2. The Wheel !$ Come Full C!rcle.

3. !f 2 Do Were @$ E@$y @$ To Know Gud To Do, Ch@pel$ H@d Been Churche$ & Poor Men’$ Cott@ge Pr!nce$ P@lace$.

4. A Fr!end !$ 1 Th@t Know$ U @$ U R, Under$t@nd$ Where U H@ve Been, Accept$ Wh@t U H@ve Become & $t!ll Gently Allow$ U 2 Grow.

5. The Object Of @rt !$ 2 G!ve L!fe A $h@pe.

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