Cute Kiss Me Quotes For Boyfriend | Kiss Sayings

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1. The Be$t K!nd Of K!$$ !$ The Un-Expected, Unpl@nned One$ Th@t Come Natur@lly. L!ke !n The M!ddle Of @ $entence.

2. @ K!$$ !$ $ometh!ng You C@nnot G!ve W!thout T@k!ng & C@nnot T@ke W!thout G!ving.

3. @ Re@l K!$s !$ Wh@t ! M W@!t!ng 4 K!$$ @t L@$t !$ Wh@t ! M Dre@m!ng For U L!p$ C@n $eal Th!$ Moment U L!p$ C@n M@ke Me Your$ Forever.

4. The Only Th!ng Better Th@n The K!$$, !$ The Moment R!ght Before, When He Look$ !nto Your Eye$ & Le@ve$ U Bre@thle$$.

5. Fr!end$ R The Only Th!ng @ G!rl Need$ Be$!de$ @ Clo$et Full Of Clothe$ & Cute Boy To K!$$.

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