Rainy Day English SMS For Girlfriend | Rain Thoughts

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1. There'$ @lway@ @ Per!od Of Cur!ou$ Fe@r Between The F!r$t $weet $mell!ng Breeze & The T!me When The R@!n Come$ Cr@ck!ng Down.

2. R@!n !$ Gr@ce, R@!n !$ The $ky Conde$cend!ng 2 The E@rth, W!thout Ra!n, There Would B No L!fe.

3. @nyone Who $@ys $unsh!ne Br!ngs H@pp!ne$$ H@$ Never D@nced !n The R@!n

4. There C@n B No R@!nbow W!thout @ Cloud @ @ $torm

5. $ome People Feel The R@!n, Other$ Ju$t Get Wet.

6. @ R@!ny D@y !$ The Perfect T!me 4 @ W@lk !n The Wood$.

7. Cloud$ Come Flo@t!ng !nto My L!fe, No Longer 2 C@rry R@!n Or U$her $torm, But 2 @dd Color To My $un$et $ky.

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